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How to Help Your Child Succeed at School

Vision TherapySucceeding at school can be challenging for a child, which is why they need their parents’ support to reach their full potential. 

There are a number of things that you can do to help your child do their best in school. One of them is scheduling a functional eye exam if they’re struggling academically or on the sports field. 

Children who find it difficult to read, pay attention in school, copy from the classroom board, or catch a ball may have visual skills deficits holding them back. The sooner these problems are diagnosed and treated, the more your child can learn.  

If you’re concerned about your child’s progress, schedule a functional vision exam with The Exceptional Vision Therapy & Learning Center in Palmetto Bay.

The Importance of Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a treatment that’s used to improve visual skills and abilities. It’s beneficial for children who find reading, writing, and other activities that require good visual skills challenging.

Vision therapy addresses a variety of visual problems, including amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes). It also improves visual-motor and visual-perception skills and helps improve focusing, eye teaming, and eye tracking. 

Vision therapy is also great for children with learning disabilities because it addresses any underlying visual issues that could be impeding your child’s learning above and beyond their learning disability. In some cases, children are misdiagnosed with learning disabilities and/or ADHD, when their problem is visual.    

The right diagnosis means that your child can get the help they need in order to thrive academically and socially.

Additional tips to consider when helping your child succeed at school

  • Be active in your child's education by volunteering for school events, attending parent-teacher conferences, and staying updated with your child’s academic progress.
  • Make learning at home fun so your child develops a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Condition your child to a regular homework and study routine. You can do this by dedicating a time and place for your child to do their homework and study. You should also teach them good homework and study habits.
  • Get your child academic help if they’re struggling in school. Extra lessons from the teacher or tutoring can make all the difference. 

Children’s Vision Therapy in Palmetto Bay

If you think your child has problems with their visual system that are negatively impacting their ability to learn, book a vision therapy consultation with Exceptional Vision today. 

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