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At our optical Exceptional Vision in Palmetto Bay, Florida, we carry fashionable sunglasses, a variety of contacts, eyeglasses, and specialty eyewear.

Proudly serving in Palmetto Bay, Florida for years.

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Sunglasses in Palmetto Bay, Florida

At Exceptional Vision we offer a huge selection of sunglasses to the Palmetto Bay, Florida community. Whether or not you require vision correction, sunglasses can add an element of comfort and enhanced performance to your activities, while helping you look great.

Browse some of the designer eyewear brands we carry!

sunglasses in Clio, Michigan

What Is Your Favorite Sunglasses Selection?

Coach Sunglasses in Clio, Michigan
Columbia Sunglasses in Clio, Michigan
Nine West Sunglasses in Clio, Michigan
Guess Sunglasses in Clio, Michigan
Ray Ban Sunglasses in Clio, Michigan
Polarid Sunglasses in Clio, Michigan
Optometrist, Friends on the beach with sunglasses in Clio, Michigan

Do you want to know more about your sunglasses options? Click to watch the video now!

Eye doctor, woman wearing sunglasses in Clio, Michigan

Think fashion and function when choosing the right shades for you.

Eye doctor, outdoor sunglasses in Clio, Michigan

Prescription sunglasses will allow you to enjoy (and see!) your time outdoors, hassle-free.

Eye doctor, boy wearing a sunglasses in Clio, Michigan

Because children spend so much time outdoors in direct sunlight, they need sun protection even more than adults.

Eye doctor, prescription sunglasses treatment in Clio, Michigan

Pamper your eyes while in the sun, driving or playing at the beach.

Eye doctor, sport sunglasses in Clio, Michigan

Activity-specific lenses can enhance whatever activities you enjoy.

polarized sunglasses.jpg

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses help prevent squinting, block glare, and adds extra protection against UV ray damage.