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Costa Eyewear in Miami

Costa Sunglasses at Exceptional Vision in Miami, Florida

Costa Del Mar was founded in 1983 by a group of fisherman who felt that there were no sunglasses built for the extreme elements they faced on their adventures. They decided to create their own brand of sunglasses built to the standards of clarity, durability, and protection they were seeking. Using advanced, patented technology for their lenses and frames, Costa sunglasses are the clearest in the industry, built for the avid outdoor sportsman.

Costa Sunglasses at Exceptional Vision in Miami, Florida


Costa launched Kick Plastic to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use as a company, and to inspire our communities to do the same. As a Kick Plastic Ambassador, you are part of a growing movement dedicated to helping reduce the amount of plastic that is finding its way into our oceans and waterways.

Exceptional Vision has partnered with Costa® Sunglasses in the Kick Plastic® Ambassador Program. Costa launched the Kick Plastic campaign in 2015 to take action against single-use plastic that is polluting our watery world and we are one of the select Eye Care professionals to be invited to become Ambassadors and support the campaign. In an effort to address the 420 million plastic lenses disposed of by the optical industry every two years, Costa launched an ambitious new plan, paving the way for Eye Care professionals and the optical industry to tackle the problem. The Kick Plastic Lens Recycling Program is an innovative program that encourages Eye Care professionals to collect, recycle and repurpose any type or brand of plastic lenses.

As a Kick Plastic Ambassador, Exceptional Vision has committed to taking steps to reduce our single-use plastic footprint. To name a few initiates, we will begin recycling all plastic lenses through Costa’s program, which offers a second-life for these lenses, cut back on single-use plastic in our offices, and organize a community clean-up. For more information on Costa’s Kick Plastic Program, click here.

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