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We Work Together With Your Pediatrician!

Your child’s vision is an important component of his or her overall health. Likewise, seemingly unrelated factors in your child’s health can affect his or her vision.

At Exceptional Vision, we work together with your child’s pediatrician to ensure optimal eye care. By teaming up, we can design a customized Vision Therapy plan designed to improve your child’s vision in the most effective way. Vision Therapy is a very established & scientifically supported program to help retrain the brain and eyes to team up and function appropriately.

We are also happy to speak with your child’s reading specialist, tutor, or anyone else whose input can positively impact your child’s Vision Therapy plan.

Click here to learn more about Vision Therapy. Give us a call or make an appointment to learn more about how we can work together with your child’s pediatrician to give your child the best vision possible.

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