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The Staff

staff 5Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do, and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.

Our receptionists will try to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointments that suit your needs. We will help you understand your insurance coverage and if financial arrangements are necessary, we will be glad to help you develop a plan to make your vision care treatment possible.

Opticians of Palmetto Bay FL

Optical Team

The licensed opticians at Exceptional Vision have collectively more than 75 years experience in the optical industry. Our teams strong optical background will insure that the best options for your individual eye wear needs are emphasized. Technological advancements in ophthalmic lenses and frames are revolutionizing the prescription eyewear industry, and our licensed opticians keep up with all the latest innovations. Our decades of dedication to dispensing prescription eyewear to patients drives the core of our mission: the betterment of our patients lives through clearer, more comfortable vision.

Jennifer C.O.V.T.

Vision Therapist

A Miami native, Jennifer is a married mother of two who originally attended college for mass communication before settling into the family business of real estate. After her children were born, her priorities shifted from the business sector to the direction of special education laws and advocacy. She transitioned from private advocacy work to serving hundreds of families in her community. During her time spent working for a local parent resource center, she hosted workshops on family and parental advocacy, led educational seminars on IDEA/IEP and assisted parents with their own children’s 504/IEP cases. It was then, that she was introduced to vision therapy and never looked back. After joining the great staff and doctors at Exceptional Vision, there isn’t anywhere else that she would rather be. Jennifer is currently in the process of obtaining her COVT certification.

Why work in Vision Therapy?

When a strong eye/brain connection is established, the quality of one’s life transforms significantly. Areas such as: balance/coordination, walking/sports performance, school/homework, reading and driving are affected greatly. What draws Jennifer to vision therapy, is its holistic non-invasive approach to vision care. She explains, VT is the marriage of medical and educational research combined with other forms of therapy exercises. While some techniques and methods overlap, no two patients or sessions are ever alike. Medical and educational tools, including prism glasses are used to stimulate and challenge the visual system. Through practice and repetition, therapy client/patient(s) begin to see improvements in the overall quality of their daily lives.

Working with each patient on an individual level.

Under Dr. Pino’s guidance and instruction, Jennifer integrates her own unique style and techniques using medical, educational and behavioral theories for a more comprehensive experience. She understands that each therapy client/patient has different goals, needs and limitations. By working around the person’s comfort level and building on the individual’s strengths, she is able to engage and include them throughout the entire process. The more involved they are with the own therapy process, the more effective their personal outcome will be. Jennifer will even conduct the sessions in Spanish if the therapy client/patient prefers to communicate in their native language. It is all about adapting and accommodating to the individual’s learning style and speed for each person to efficiently and effectively meet and exceed their own personal goals.

Jennifer works with a variety of therapy client/patient(s) ranging from; TBI/ABI Traumatic/Acquired Brain Injury, concussion and stroke patients, sports athletes, as well as children and adults with reading, learning and developmental disabilities. Our sessions are designed to improve Accommodation (eye focusing) Saccadic eye movements, (eye jumps) Binocularity (using both eyes together to achieve (depth dimension or 3D) Tracking or Pursuits (smoothly follow a target) Visual Information Processing (gathering information from environment to integrate with our senses) Laterality & Directionality (awareness of using both sides of the body and understanding the difference) Bilateral Integration (using both sides of body separately or together) Directionality, incorporating up,down,left,right; important for decoding letters and numbers (ex: b,d,p,q and 6,9).


Jennifer’s approach is that of a motivational coach. She cites, consistency as the key for long term success. The sessions are positive and fun, because she allows each person to work at their own pace. That said, some days are more difficult than others, because she is constantly challenging them to do their very best. Regardless of one’s diagnosis and concerns, she encourages and promotes growth and progress. For that very reason, most therapy client/patient(s) also practice daily home exercises. The more immersed they are in their VT process, the better their long term outcome. Practice makes progress.